Neil Critchley | Lincoln Preview. "We've had to be adaptable all season."


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Good interview and good news we have body’s coming back. Sadly I think we won’t see Gary Madine back in a Blackpool shirt again. Gone from “he’ll be back any game now” to “Gary will let us know” to not even mentioning him.
In Scrafton’s report Madine is going for an update scan on Friday from which they will know how he is progressing, or not.

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Interesting looking at who we still have to play .. only Northampton and Bristol Rovers have played 3 games more than us which means they'll have lots more rest between now and the end of the season and I wonder what impact that will have considering they are our final two Saturday games?


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It may be controversial, but personally I wouldn't be too unhappy if Madine didn't make another appearance this season, unless either Yates or Simms were to be injured. Yates has been a revelation since Madine was side-lined, and Ellis Simms seemed to "come of age" in the Gillingham game.
Perhaps someone will disagree ?