o/t Computer Stuff kids today wouldn't get


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I remember learning how to write a short programme that made a message scroll down the screen, cutting edge stuff.

We went to somewhere as a family that had a load of computers, was it an open school night? I was surplus to requirements so sat at a spare one and typed this programme out, pressed Return and nothing happened, I'd typed it wrong. "S#1t" said I, with all the tact of youth. The headmaster looked over my shoulder, "what kind of language is that". I was just beginning a humble apology when he continued, " Basic or Cobal".


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Floppy discs that weren’t floppy.

And replacing Wordperfect with the vastly inferior Word.

You could exit WordPerfect by pressing the Escape button. Logical really. The first time in Word, after 15 frustrating minutes trying to leave, I asked someone (I might’ve sworn) how you closed it down. They told me to click on the little tiny x in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Well of course! Bleeding obvious wasn’t it.


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I had a Tatung Einstein!
Coded basic, pascal, fortran,assembler 68000, some cobol, Java, lots of SQL. Now more python and Go with some flutter/dart best mobile language out there IMO.
Don’t code too much these days more advisory.