o/t What do you drink during iFollow games?


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Must confess it's one of the rare times I drink these days when we've a game on. 1. It feels more like a matchday experience 2. I still get a few nerves and need a beverage.

Who else drinks on a matchday/night and what's your tipple?


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I try and keep it to the Saturday fixtures but sometimes I get excited and crack a few open for the mid-week games.

Always a lager, I am a simple man with simple pleasures!


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I've got to have a beer watching the mighty. Premium lagers for me, Staropramen, Tyskie, Budvar, Kingfisher, Cobra, Tsingtao, Warsteiner and Erdinger are my regulars that spring to mind.

Costero Poderoso

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depends on whether saturday or midweek.

on saturdays usually dont have lunch and do a football special sandwich and either a beer or a cider first half, nip up to the concourse at half time for something sweet and another drink

night games usually either have a couple of glasses of wine or a cocktail with some nibbles - nuts and/or crisps, for tonight there is a rather quafable ribera del duero waiting.


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The odd can or bottle as I often have to drive. I’m saving the belated Christmas session until May or June depending on how things pan out.


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I wasn't going to drink tonight but had such a crap day in work got a 4 pack on way home but then after the calling off I've left them in fridge as in a worst mood :(


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Nice bottle of red. Properly looking forward to tonight. Had been and done the food shop and was on my way home at 6.35, timing all impeccable for the music to be interrupted in my car by the phone and my bro's name came up on the dash. I knew what he was ringing about before I answered. Been in a right grump since.