Owen Oyston -Trump


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How similar are these two..
Weird hair
Lacks self awareness
Loves Litigation
Loves a good porky pie
Total control freak
Add any others you think to the list.....im sure their are many.


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At least Owen was self-made unlike Trump. I think Karl bears a closer resemblance; a delusional, spoilt, self-entitled sociopath with a dubious attitude towards women.


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Yep, and all the similarities flow from this. People are there to be taken advantage of, the world has winners and losers, an unrealistic inflated sense of their own importance and abilities, a facade of winning that must be maintained at all costs, no requirement to be truthful or honourable.

An endless stream of litigation and court cases that often are based on their own imaginary view of the world, which evaporates once the truth is involved and is only successful when the opponent can't afford to defend himself.

The dysfunctional families are a product of the behaviour as is the callous sexual predatory behaviour and the failed marriages.


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Always found it comical and ironic in equal measure that Owen championed the left wing and socialist ideology...champagne socialism at its worst


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Oyscum was not “self made”. His late brother was the brains behind the money-making! Oyscum was a failed actor!


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A couple of times over the years I ascribed to *yst*n an attitude of "too much is never enough".

Mary Trump identified exactly the same trait in the orange baby.