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Has fired and made 30 workers redundant for refusing to return to work on Friday from furlough. It’s time more employers did this to stop people from milking the system. It seems many have become complacent and don’t want to go back to work. Personally I think the furlough should be stopped now forcing everyone to make the choice of going back to work or sponging off the tax payers.

Pimlico plumbers


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This guy has previous with employers as he was the one who was taken to the High Court by a worker who wanted equitable pension rights,and then subsequently lost the case which had a knock on effect for other companies.

I can understand anyone from the plumbing fraternity not wanting to go back because by and large its a high risk occupation,where you are coming into contact with all sorts of possible hazardous health risks.
Funnily enough I've been in contact with Blackpool Borough Council this week about this very subject, because in Blackpool some of the tenancies are kept in an unbelievably bad state by some tenants.


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Just to point out.

The furlough scheme has been helping our businesses like Pimlico Plumbing by taking on a huge part of their wages bill. So in effect the CEO is the one who has been sponging off the taxpayer.

The reason he’s suddenly got vocal is because the government is slowly phasing our this subsidy to businesses and asking him to put his hand in his pocket and start paying his own employees. But being a spoilt, self entitled git with a stupid haircut he thinks that’s unfair.

Talk about knobs who think the world owes them a living!!


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Heard him on radio 2 a few times and on the television buying a new Rolls or Bentley and every time he has come across as a complete knob.


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He’s also a huge remain supporter too.

I’m sure he put a huge sign on his company’s headquarters - boll*cks to Brexit.