Pool 2 Lincoln 3


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Just looking back at this game (I'd clearly put it out of my mind) - another game we should have got something from. 2 poor pens and that red card and interesting that first shot from Yates .. that would have gone in if he'd had that chance now!



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Christ that feels like an absolute age ago. I think like you I'd put this out of my mind, if you'd asked me about the reverse fixture I don't think I could have told you. It all came flooding back watching that though.

I remember being gutted when Yates hit the post as it was a great strike and he hadn't scored yet, the weight on his shoulders almost looks bloody physical at that point. Absolute stinker from Husband there as well, god that was a real sickener that game - thanks for reminding me! 😉


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It was another of those games where massive individual errors cost us. No way did we deserve to lose that day, maybe we'll get some of that luck returned to us on Saturday!!

Costero Poderoso

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that game epitomised our early season, we played quite well but we werent very clinical in front of goal and we had the tendency to make mistakes in defence which ultimately cost us. i seriously doubt that we would make those mistakes today or at least not three in one game


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There were a good chunk of games like this where we dominated for large parts of the game and got nothing in particular Plymouth, Charlton, Gillingham Crewe.


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Two points for me, 1) Husband has learned his lesson and wouldn’t be as sloppy again and 2) there’s absolutely no way any forward will get that amount of time for the third goal with our miserly defence.


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3 awful goals to give away defensively - we have not fully eradicated those type of errors but we are not doing 3 in a match. Lincoln were as bad defensively for our goals. As Voyeur quite rightly says we weren't playing that badly but big individual errors and the resultant loss of confidence was costing us dearly.

As the season has gone on Crtich has also got a number of different formations drilled into the team which gives a number of options of how to set up against different opposition. Due to the limited amount of time with the players we had one formation and no drilled plan B to fall back on. Now we can set up differently for each game and the players are equally as comfortable with each option. Add on the resultant confidence that is flowing, both individually and as a team, and that is why we are so many games unbeaten.


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Mitchell had a bit of a shocker that day but good to remind ourselves how impressive CJ Hamilton is!