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Pubs or Schools

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You decide!

Pubs or "other activities" in England may need to close to allow schools to reopen next month, a scientist advising the government has said.

Prof Graham Medley told the BBC there may need to be a "trade-off", with the re-opening of schools seen as a "priority" for children's wellbeing.

It came after England's chief medical officer said the country was "near the limit" of opening up society.


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Sod the pint, my grandkids come first. My Grandaughter has been badly affected by the lockdown and in turn my daughter, a week in Whitby has helped her, but now we have come back to a local lockdown in Bradford, even though we have had no cases in the last three or four weeks in Shipley ( part of Bradford Metropolitan.), And I am worried she will regress due to the situation. I'm furious at those who have been responsible for the new 'local' lockdown.


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I don't understand why it's one or the other?
I think it just has to do with the frequency of people bumping into people. It’s not especially sector focused anymore. One of my daughters works for a company that operates bowling alleys. They were suddenly told at the 11th hour they couldn’t open. Gyms however were allowed a week or so before so are still open (at the moment). There’s no logical reason for gyms to be open and bowling alleys closed as far as I can see; other than unfortunate timings.