Racist Comment

In my opinion it does.
Can’t remember our players taking the knee before the George Floyd incident which was hijacked by BLM.
No 9, this has been done over many times. BLM the minority movement is peripheral and of little concern. The very wide movement to say that black lives matter is worthwhile. Don't dismiss the wider movement just because there is this small and incidental group that is Militant.
So is this it then, a serious damaging allegation thrown out there, news spreads and it's all over with widespread condemnation and people judging BFC.

Yet seemingly there was no case or evidence of such a comment, from those who've spoken to the police and also were in that stand.

So now what, it's just left there or is it going to be addressed and updated on? Either it was said or it wasn't, they'll be enough video evidence, witnesses etc.

The way this has been handled just can't be right.
Think to yourself. Your either racist or you are not.

This Island we all live on has been a mish mash of people since the bloody Romans came, saw and conquered.

This Island we all live on prides itself on being pretty cool. And I'd agree.

But it belongs to nobody. It will still be here long after we've gone, and anyone that comes here.

So chill out, be normal and just crack on being nice with people.