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That is an impressive plan and I wish them well with it. Having spent the earliest years of my life on Keswick Road, and my grandparents continued to live there after we moved to Layton, I have fond memories of the area (not least hearing the Bloomfield Roar on match days).

I wish them well with it, and I'm sure Simon Sadler will do his part. However, having experienced Blackpool Councils' mismanagement over many years I don't think they are capable of it. 😟


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Grants from central Government covering most of it. I'm not sure the club were aware this was coming out from the Council yesterday.


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I wouldn't want to wait on the council if I were SS, there's a long history of these types of plans never happening.

It strikes me as a nice glossy vanity project, I might be wrong. Also, if they rejuvenate Central Drive where will people go for a handjob for the price of a milkshake?


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I said yesterday that this was very encouraging, for many reasons.

But there's many a slip, twixt cup and lip, as they say. And the Gazette's article is somewhat misleading about how settled - or imminent - all this is.


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It was written early last year, so prepared before then. There are lots of things superseded now - they mention the importance of the George pub, which has been demolished, as the plan includes demolishing the cinema retail park, but they're now building more stuff on it. It's a kind of non-news news item, juts a master plan with no substance.


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Yes, but how can you take a new document seriously, when the "listed George Hotel" features prominently in Urban Townscape??

Someone should tell them they demolished in 4 months ago????