Rob Edwards


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Just been watching highlights DVD of our premier league season. One of the extras was a penalty shoot out with the striker of the ball blindfolded. The player introduced himself and then said what position he played I.e Marlon Heywood striker. Rob Edwards gave his name and then said position “ up there in the seats !! “ I must admit I can remember him playing in many games. He’s done ok though now a premier league manager.
He was mainly here as back up as Evatt and Baptiste were 1st choice centre backs.
He was a decent championship centre half though and was solid enough when called upon.
To think, he was jobless last season and if we had approached when he was available things could have been a lot different for us. If only ☹️
I seem to remember Edwards/Richie Kyle were on the club's radar post Critchley's defection to Villa but Watford stepped in.

If Appleton had been sacked after the Wigan game by then they were the available again. Whether or not they would have been persuaded to move to Bloomfield Rd I don't know but Watfords loss was Lutons gain. He's done a fantastic job at Luton given their resources and chronic injury list.
‘When called upon’ - he was captain for 6 months!

Career cut short through injury but clearly made a big impact on Holloway who made him part of the coaching set up.