Say no to PPV football


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Hard to say no for Prem fans if it’s their team.
We pay for ifollow (well unless your a ST or have IPTV 😉)


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I would pay if we were on Sky, instead of iFollow just for the quality of the picture and to get rid of Chissy


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So you want every game to be shown on BT and Sky?
They've already done that in September, now if it ain't televised you have the right to pay and what's the difference between what we pay a tenner for and a paltry fiver more the production value for a start.

Season ticket holders is the sticking point no way should they have to pay and should be refunded for every game they miss.


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My mate who is a Villa fan has just posted 'best £14.95 I've ever spent' - seems to me they will always find a market, even if people don't agree with it.


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Is it that much different (other than £4.95, obviously) that fans of Football League clubs are paying for ifollow?

If the choice was either pay or not be able to watch the game, I think I'd side with pay.