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? How many goals will the current front 3
score this season I would say approx 21
What does that tell you all. 17 in @ not
one proven striker amongst them.Until
this is rectifed.Will end up being one of
the worst scoring teams in the division.
On the optermistic side l really hope
I am wrong

Dollar Thief

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I don't think we will be a team that relies on the front 3 or 2 for all the goals, I think we'll be expecting those in midfield to also score a fair few. Pretty much as it was in 2006/07.


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Seeing as CJ has already got 3, does that mean he can chill out for the next 20 games without you getting on his back?
I haven't got on his back, although defenders are making sure they do. I have got on Yates back given he hasn't scored in 9 competitive games.


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To be fair Yates hasn't looked like the answer to our goalscoring problem, not yet anyway... The problem is who is there in the background to put pressure on his, seemingly, automatic first team shirt?


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Emile Heskey wasn't the greatest goalscorer, but he was excellent at holding the ball, and bringing others into play. Now I'm not saying Gary Madine is in that class, but he should take the 'weight' and the 'good kicking centre forwards get' off the other forwards?


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To highlight my post lets examine the 3
front players who were picked on Saturday 17/10. CJH 3 in 6, Madine
1 in 2. Last but not least Jerry the shirt Yates none in 6.All! let's not forget a 72 minute sub app for madine against the Gills. A grand total of 4 goals.Hope the
goalscoring stats for these players
will improve.Unfortuniatly their scoring record for previous clubs do amount
too much Only Jerry Yates 14 last
season.But that was in div 2 as we all know How for a Scott Taylor

bfcfan 1960

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Im not sure if its the strikers lack of quality or were just not creating the chances for all our dominance yesterday we created very little.