Shrews Fans not happy

Sadler's Brylcreem

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Apparently their manager played many of his first team last night (blended in with some youth) and many are saying reckless for a competition with zero importance! Hopefully backfire on Saturday!!
I do wonder what a Shrewsbury fans expectations are - apparently they were in the old Div 2 in the 80's but as a club with their fanbase they are where they are.
Not much confidence amongst the Shrewsbury players - had forgotten Pennington and Norburn were both there,

I don't think there were 700 of them there today. Didn't look more than 350 to 400. They seemed to be enjoying themselves though.
Not sure how many total and I couldn't hear them from the North but 2-300 in the corner were bouncing around a lot for most of the game so fair play 👍
We sat in the South.

Shrews fans didnt stop singing. Superb away following. Credit to the club. 10/10.

Pity their team were woeful. Worst away performance I have seen, possibly ever.