Steve Royle


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Saw him at the panto when down for the Fleetwood game last season, delighted he got through 👍


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Very talented funny bloke since his days working at Camelot theme park getting the crowd in spirit during the jousting. Good luck to him deserves his chance


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Not just a comedy genius. I saw him play the title role in Dan Leno at Lytham Hall last year. As a serious actor he was unbelievably good.
I was sat next to Peter Kay and his family who are big fans of Steve. I'm sure he could reach the same heights as PK with the right breaks.
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I have always had huge respect for Steve Royle, his performances at the Grand Theatre year after year in the Christmas panto have been fantastic. Some people are just naturally funny and make you smile when they enter the room, Steve is one of those people. Anyway just watched BGT and thought he was bloody hilarious!


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Saw him at Woofers comedy night at the Lowther Pavilion Lytham last year & I pissed myself at his Wallace & Grommit featuring ping pong balls. Plus his gags about plastic walkers in the Lake District, make up the names of fells using a trade & a woman’s private parts 😂 Carpenter’s Minge springs to mind. Don’t suppose he will do that on prime time tv though, plus you needed audience participation.


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The winner was absolutely shite. A few notes on a piano and a rubbish ditty. A poor mans Victoria Wood. Made Les Dawson look like Liberache.
Steve Royle was miles better.