Stoke City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 06.08.22


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Said on the team news thread that I hoped the midfield were up to it. I suspected they weren't.

Douggy on straight away for Carey and the Arsy lad for Virtue on 55.

CJ and Lav the last 2 on 75 for Yates and ? maybe Bowler.


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Poorly set up here. Exact same pattern of play as reading after 30 first mins. Poorly balanced CM. Need a bit of bite in there. Anyone of the three could be off.

Still get it to Bowler, sure up CM, and there is a still a chance here.


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Agree mate, been worse than non existent today
Funnily enough though, I'm not panicking, I think it's early days and we are lacking players in crucial areas. The midfield he picked today is too lightweight, we have to get Dougall on and Patino and take off Carey and Virtue. For me we still need an experienced, strong midfielder like Morrison was, a right back and a striker, get those 3 and we will be fine. Madine going off hasn't helped either but I reckon he could be out for months. I like Carey, I think he will be great for us but he needs some protection and he isn't getting any. I think it will end up being Patino and Fiorini in advanced roles with Dougall, Connolly or Stewart as the holding midfielder, although that is where I would splash some cash for a new player. For some reason, Apper's doesn't fancy Dougall.


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... but he's been on loan for the last three seasons.

There's a player in there but he has a lot to learn yet - he's nowhere near the level of say.... Jonjo Shelvey (as a comparison for when he was on loan)
No I get that - the point was levels - and Yates got a ball delivered into feet at pace, with his back to goal and he should have gobbled it up.

I agree Fiorini has plenty to learn but he constantly finds himself in space which is a sign of quality in itself.


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Needs a double sub, Carey and Virtue off, Patino and Dougall on. If we do nothing at half time it will just be more of the same.

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The only good thing about the first half is that we're only 1 down.

They are playing 3-5-2 and we are being over run in midfield, we need to give them something different to think about

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this stoke defence look suspect to players running at them and around them, they are not mobile, bowler holding on to the ball too long.

Fiorini being followed around the pitch, need dougal on to put his foot on the ball and provide a bit of crunch in the midfield. MOve fiorini further forward, give it ten minutes and if its tstill the same bring on the new wunderkind


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Christ, people blaming Virtue and Carey and yet Fiorini is totally anonymous, other than giving the ball away under no pressure. The problem is we have three midfielders who have very little experience of the championship. He has to put Dougal on.
Fiorini is out of position, Apper's has tried it but it hasn't worked, he should be playing further forward, why he isn't picking Dougall I have no idea. Carey will be better with Dougall behind him and Fiorini next to him but at the end of the day we can only play 3 out of Dougall, Connolly, Patino, Fiorini, Virtue, Carey and Stewart (when fit) Patino and Fiorini are going to play so it is going to be one of the others or a new player.