Thank you Sadler and Critchley


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I went to my first Pool game in about 1970 and have been a fan ever since, however I lost my passion for the Pool after the January transfer window of the prem season when the Odious one refused to splash some cash. I didn’t return to Bloomfield Road until that family were ousted. I can honestly say that I now have my passion back and genuinely get excited for the matches, my mojo has returned, thank you Simon Sadler and Neil Critchley - let’s hope we can go all the way this season - after the first 10 games I didnt think this was possible! UTMP!

This is Ska

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PP, coincidentally the first three and a half lines of your post apply, word for word, to me including the year we saw our first game. I only differ with you in that I did think it was possible. Those first 10 were agonising though. UTMP 😎