Thumbs up from Jerry T-shirts for sale.


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I'm led to believe with the installation of the bi-fold doors in the SE corner roosting has been reduced.
I'm looking forward however to a summer in the ground getting everything ready for a season in the Championship.
Not much else to do because TAM's told me I can't go abroad. 😉
Summer holiday in the BFC Hotel for me. 😃
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Great marketing, something the Stain's just didn't have the brains for, they really were thick as pig shit, they would have been on the Stands shooting the pigeons, God they were the scum of the earth.


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Never quite got the stubble under the chin thing some blokes have. Either get a beard or don't!
Either way, he could have a mohican and a pencil moustache for all I care.
❤️ Jerry!