Tin Hat at the Ready


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At least the commentator last night knew who all the players were and even spotted they had changed the ball at half time. Chizzy would have been utterly confused at the number of new faces last night. Perhaps he could be a guest expert occasionally for his Chizzyisms


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Was Mills the bloke that did Radio Wave?

God forbid if he was. Awful.

Also thought he worked at Radio Lancs as well.


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Love Chiz and Brett for the comedy gold and Chizisims. Thought Ged and Colin left a bit to be disired but the 10 mins about the two footballs hinted of some promising entertainment in the future.
And the big plus about Ged Mills is the fact I seem to remember something about him pissing the Oystscums off when at Radio Wave. We all know unfortunately that Chiz was more in the scums corner than the supporters.