Tyreece John-Jules - What to expect?


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Yep, the physical attributes are there. If we think back to Ellis Simms at the start he struggled with those aspects because it was his first few games in pro football, whereas John-Jules has had those few games to get used to the intangibles compared to u23 football.


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I think he offers something up top than we have and thats why its an intelligent signing. I remember sombody posting the released list on here a few weeks ago and I had my eye on Ashley Fletcher from boro and I think this lad fits into that mould perfectly.


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Everything about him (according to Scrafton) depends on his fitness. If he can get through the next 12 months with no niggles then he could become an excellent player but, if not, you wonder if he'll sadly be a sick note player who will bounce around Leagues One and Two like so many who have gone before him?