Well at least someone can come out of the day with credit


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As for the style of play and passing it was awful 1st half, better 2nd but conceded that weak goal after being more on top.
Interesting isn't it when every video we saw in pre-season had intense passing practise why it breaks down when it gets to a game scenario?


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Looks like quite a few Stoke fans were impressed with pool fans yesterday, ignoring the odd bitter nobber in the comments.

I'll tell you what, we don't do bad considering we have the 2nd worst atmosphere in the league (😂), seem to get an awful lot of compliments for that bad a fanbase.....




I notice the nobber who replied that they'd have taken double... why do they always seem to have these delusions of grandeur? They literally took 1600 last season.

Plus, despite a bigger crowd and their flags, looks like the 'white hot deepdale' didn't quite happen...