Who would you name a new East Stand after?


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As a proud nobber, please please don’t call it the Ray Charnley stand. He still haunts me all these years after his hat trick many moons ago at Deepdale. Honestly have to admit it , it was one of the best centre forward displays I had the privilege to witness.
If players to score a hat trick at Deepdale are out the question, I'll have to rule out Fred Pickering then for his particular hat trick that relegated you lot and sent us up in 1970 😉


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Feeling Simon Sadler could throw this open to a "Fans Vote" to ST holders and fans attending a game on a set day next season to ensure a full gate.....
But I'm liking "The 1953"......nice bit of history


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Okay so just read through the thread and put together names and how many times they've been mentioned/voted for, this isn't completely accurate as people weren't doing it as a proper vote and sometimes mentioned two names - I'm sure it'd be extremely difficult for us all if it actually came down to naming a definitive person. (good timing NMT as I was just about to post it without your Ormerod vote):

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As others have said, amazing for little ol' Blackpool to have so many significant players to argue over - and that is with 3 stands already being named after 3 of our legends!

Interesting to see three names take joint at the top thus far, Alan Ball, Billy Ayre and Joe Smith and three names take joint second Brett Ormerod, Simon Sadler and Tony Green!
My vote also go's for Billy Ayre, He did more to reengage the supporters than any other manager. We loved him and he loved us. with regards to JImmy Hampson, our all time top scorer but totally unknown by a whole generation, The club have nothing to commemorate him. Maybe he gets a name on a box in the new stand?

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my first comment on this and I’ve just read comments from last year
me , it’s King Billy , as like others a generation thing , as a teen , watching Billy pump fist at south stand and used to stand at the east stand where the benches used to be , running across the pitch , still gives me goose bumps now
I have not seen any other manger at pool , maybe Ollie , do this
now suddick , I am to young , but I’ve heard how great he was , another for me is pool captain at 53 cup win , we have Jimmy , matthews and Mortson stands , so why not the complete set , Harry Johnston 🤷


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A good question.

Understand where Wizz is coming from with his suggestions but I feel it doesn't have to be a player from so long ago that the vast majority of our fans have never seen them play. Nowt wrong for me with coming more upto date and whereas he was far from one of my favourite players I wouldn't have a problem with nominating Brett Ormerod. A player who played and scored for us in all four divisions and who was part of the best time of our lives in the last fifty or sixty years.


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For me this is a great thread, not one with disagreements at all. It is superb that we have so many players/managers that are legends. So much so that there is such a huge long list. Far better that, than just 3 or 4 names and we can't list anyone else. What a great club to have so many legends.

Maybe in time as others have said, there could be bars named after legends, maybe some of the executive boxes? Maybe name the hotel rooms instead of/as well as having room numbers? And in each room a photo of that person? Just a random thought on a Saturday evening.

Might also be good to have maybe 1 or 2 legend banners to go up? Images of some of the legends. Maybe ask someone like Rob Purdon or whoever if they might get involved?

And please it should be the Stan Mortenson Spion Kop... :)
BS why don't you contact the club via the @SLO_BFC I am sure your idea, would get a lot of support. Plus it wouldn't cost much.