"Who's this idiot, Daddy?"


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You mean it's one of Boris's offsprings? Looks a bit like him. Scuffed up blonde hair and slightly bemused by it all look 😁


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Does the fact that the Tory party are in power for the long haul make you that angry that you have to call out a bloke with a young chid that you’ve never met before??? You are nothing more than a scummy troll, very brave behind your keyboard ☹️ Sad fucker
oh and had the said bloke been me when my kids were younger , you wouldn’thave the capacity to be able to key a single letter on a keyboard again😀
And you accuse me of being “angry”! Priceless!


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PG, some people just love to take a dig at every single opportunity.
Strange how short people’s memories are; they conveniently forget how he has got us almost through this pandemic ahead of the rest of the world.


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And keen to forget that his criminal negligence cost more lives that most other nations due to his willingness to let the bodies pile high.
Still, he was able to dish out millions in tax payers money to his minions through corrupt contracts though.