Wigan Athletic v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 26.01.21


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Lovely. Enjoyed that. Yates and Virtue proving the doomsters wrong in the best way by scoring.
Bez being part of the build up for the best goal.
Simms settles in with debut goals, Stewart looks sharp and purposeful.
Apter.. Our new corner taker. That's how to take a corner. Whips it in, well done young lad. That ll do


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When was our last 5 0 away, I'm thinking Nigel Walker hat trick at Northampton but could be wrong.


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You are wrong about Turton
I'll trust Critchley to pick the team thanks, I don't assume I know more than him
And it is funny when you have been telling us how shit Virtue is playing that he goes on to score a screamer
I'm not wrong about Turton. And Virtue was playing shit? I am delighted for him? But if someone is playing shit?

Imagine saying to someone don't be precious and then come out with absolutely beyond pathetic comments like that.