Winter, your signs it’s looming


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Errmm....when the daily temperature drops to around 23 degrees instead of 33 degrees?

Sorry, living in Queensland we don't really have a winter just slightly chillier and less humid at night for about 6-8 weeks.


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Thicker coat and water-proof walking boots out of the cupboard - replacing thin coat and trainers
A few more weeks and the Alaskan (ear flaps) and beanie hats will be out for walks on the beach with the dog.
Heating timers set (I'm usually a tight git and don't put the heating on until October - was over-ruled by Mrs Dave in September)
Mother in law staying over more often - yippee!


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Same as voy, had a dark ale. A bottle of really lovely stout.

Lit the fire...
Oh yeah I had a pint of stout after the mild. Then came home and cooked the first roast dinner I've made since last winter. Good Sunday actually.
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Anything you’ve done apart from putting your heating on that tells you Winter is on the way?
I dragged out, cleaned and wore my boots today 😔
And have lit a candle in my bedroom the last few nights and bought some thicker bedding.
You ?
What's the candle for?


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Has been chilly in Khon Kaen the last few days as the death throes of the rainy season kick in. Wind from the north and persistent rain, it hasn't got above 24 for the last few days, which is bloody freezing when you are used to high 30's as a matter of course. Getting dark at about 5.40 now too, which is about 20 minutes later than the darkest day in late December.
Soon though, the clouds will part and we will be rain free for 5 months or so, bar the odd freak thunderstorm....


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Most of the leaves are off the trees

Waterproofs have a warm layer underneath

Shorts washed and away for next spring

I love winter, too, but forecast rain every hour till Thursday midday, not so fond