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  • Hi.
    I think I agree with most of your points on the politics thread ,but one thing I think I would take issue with you is your High Recommendation of `The Jeremy Vine Show'.
    Ever since the BLM protests it has shown itself to be extremely bias to BLM and their choice of `guests'. Its nearly as bias as the BBC Breakfast Time shows!
    I used to like the Jeremy Vine programme too.
    Glade I got that off my chest. 😉
    Yep, there is an undoubted bias but at this point in time it was always be the case as they have to give these political Thereactivists there fifteen minutes of fame.
    Blackpool Are Back!
    The programme showed its true colours when the elderly lady got cut-off for saying "I do feel some blacks have a chip on their shoulder"....and then there was the man cut off for trying to read out George Floyds criminal record.
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