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    One word to describe this season

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    Swindon vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    How about automatics?
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    Prediction Game 41: Swindon v Blackpool 02.04.21

    Swindon 1 Blackpool 3 Yates 34th Min
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    MK Dons v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 09.03.21

    By my eye, this seems to be the worst team we've played all season. That's a nailed on 2-1 loss then...
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    Game 35: MK Dons v Blackpool 09.03.21

    MK 1 - 2 Pool. Virtue. 28th Minute.
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    Prediction Game 33: Blackpool v Crewe 02.03.21

    Pool 2-1 Crewe Yates 38th Minute
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    The Blackpool Manager you hated the most?

    Another for Paul Ince. Then again, I was barely paying attention during Lee Clarke and Neil McDonald's tenure...
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    Portsmouth vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    Smash And Grab
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    Duping partner to attend away games

    I took my then girlfriend to a freezing cold Fratton Park on Valentines Day, after suggesting we take a mini-break in the nearby West Witterings. She got wise to this tactic however and quickly saw through my idea to go to the South of France for our summer holidays in 2016...
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    Which non-Blackpool FC goal did you celebrate the most?

    Particularly enjoyed Marcos Llorente's at Anfield for Atletico in the CL last season. Was at a pub student night half-full of plastic scousers with their squeaky clean new Liverpool shirts. Come full time the other, decidedly non-Liverpool, half were almost on the tables basking in glorious...
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    Prediction Game 29: Ipswich Town v Blackpool 06.02.21

    Ipswich 0 Blackpool 3. Kaikai. 28th Minute
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    Blackpool vs Northampton: Three Word Game

    Nice Chip Sullay!
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    Prediction Game 28: Blackpool v Northampton Town 02.02.21

    Blackpool 2-0 Northampton. Lubala. 34th Minute.