Blackpool v Gillingham Official Matchday Thread 05.04.21


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Imagine if we didn't have more goals with all the injury time that is going to be added? We obviously need to stay switched on but it'd certainly be nervy if we didn't have such an advantage


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What a shame we couldn’t be at the ground. But I’ll take it any day 👍👍👍👍 let’s hope the stoppage benefits us.


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It was always just a question of when all this young talent would gel, and then how quickly each of them would develop individually. I dreamt that would all accelerate around the end of the season and it looks like that’s what’s happening. On our day we are absolutely Championship quality now. We’ve got loads of players whose potential beyond that could still get better and better.


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Great to see the highlight of our last goal there.

A 5 pass move from our own penalty box resulting in a goal at the other end. Beautiful football!
I’ve still not seen it! Missed it first time after disturbance by granddaughter, then just went for a fag while Lino got changed!