Eddie Howe


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Look at the money he’s wasted on Ibe and Solanke for starters and as the above points out failed at Dingles.

Will be interesting what’s next for him but I wouldn’t back him to set the world alight.


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Left before and failed at Burnley before being successful back at a heavily backed Bournemouth
Not sure what it is but something about him winds me up
Seems very smug ,(only my opinion!)
I heard something about how he's really strict about doing it 'his way'

So when Bournemouth were doing shite, the players wanted to shift to an alternative formation and he went mental at them.

When they shifted finally they got a few results but too late.

He's very different to Ollie but he seems to have that quality that he's a great bloke when your on the right side of him and things are going well but if your not or they're not, he's perhaps slightly different than the urbane exterior suggests.

He looks like he needs a break tbh.


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I don't think he out and out failed at our 4 fingered friends but he certainly did nothing of note there.

Personally, I think what he's done at Bournemouth was a great achievement and it's that thing about smaller clubs not being able to afford mistakes.

He definitely spent money badly at times but bigger clubs do too and people forget it completely.

People look at Bournemouth and notice Ibe and Solanki but you don't notice Drinkwater or someone being pointless at Chelsea cos they just buy another one if the first one doesn't work out so you forget their bad signings more easily.

I know Bournemouth are backed to the hilt, but they ain't in that league. Never understood why they let Defoe go.


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Left before and failed at Burnley before being successful back at a heavily backed Bournemouth
Not sure what it is but something about him winds me up
Seems very smug ,(only my opinion!)
Failed at Burnley? He set them up to be where they are now.

But I agree with others there is something I dislike about him.

The fact he couldn't abide the North gives me the impression he's a bit of a soft southern tanned up mummys boy.


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Did he fail at Burnley? He finished 8 th and 13 th in the Championship with them. Not a stunning success but he hardly left them on the bones of their arse. He also left because his mum had just died and he wanted to get back down south.
Agreed he needs a rest and then a new club and challenge.


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I remember his Bournemouth Team absolutely battering us at Bloomfield road - one of the best performances by an away team I’ve ever seen.

think he’s a really good manager and doesn’t wind me up .

has spent a lot of money at Bournemouth but to keep aclub like that in the premier for that long is a massive acheivement IMO.


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He will be one of those managers that takes a Holloway style sabbatical then returns to football again in a blaze of glory somewhere or other


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Eddie Howe isn't a 'bad manager', yes his stock was highest a couple of years ago when he was linked with arsenal and England. People have mentioned Ibe and Solanke as bad signings, yes they haven't gone according to plan however Bournemouth are about to sell Aké for £40m, Wilson and King for who knows how much, so he will be well up on transfer revenue, that's before the likes of Brookes and Ramsdale who will more than likely find prem clubs due to his management/coaching.

No, he isn't a TOP manager, yes he has achieved success with Bournemouth. Will probably end up at a palace/fulham/newcastle/villa


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I don’t get people having a go at him. He took Bournemouth from mid table League One to the Premier league. That takes some doing these days.

hard to compete in the big league year on year when you only pull in 15,000 or so as a regular crowd.

Don’t get the criticism on transfers either. Solanke and Ibe are average yes.
But we re forgetting:
Ake who’s about to go for double the money paid.
Matt Richie picked up for a pittance got them to the PL
Callum Wilson Danny Ings Lower league to PL regular goal scorers.
David Brooks, Lewis Cookn list goes on.

one of the best English managers there is. Will probably have some time off and come back stronger.