Fake crowd noise at Dumpdale


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They seem to have got off to a similarly bad start as us. 1 win in 5 if this result stays the same.

Usually they start strong and implode at the end of the season, hope the opposite isn't happening!


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Well done Cardiff 😀 Its back to that Jinx of a training ground for the nobbers to work on things.

Alfie Conn

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I was asking on PNE Online, last week. He’s not been seen for quite a while. Had been told he wasn’t in the best of health. Just hope he’s still going strong. It’s impossible not to like him.
The fella was certainly unique and quite funny for a Nobber!. Hope it's not the last we hear from him.


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I have to admit 4 from 5 games in the Championship is not a cracking start.

However, it could be a lot worse i.e. 4 points from 6 games in League 1. Ring any bells?😉
Except you've not brought in 17 players and got rid of just as many.