FAO mods


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No need

i said games off - my mate forgot to book our tee times at Marina Bay tomorrow.

...or words to that effect.

....mods need to be real - they are a joke if you ask me.


I know the mods are a joke but please excuse my ignorance as I don't get your joke ?


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He was hinting the football match was off (before it actually was called off) but then added his golf match (not the football match) as a joke.

I finally got there MAC but because of what Ghosts said not what you said but it makes sense now.

Is that it ?

Thanks and please excuse my backwardness.


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Would a mod from Middlesbrough really delete the thread?


I am sure that many of us have made attention seeking/sarcastic posts before but it is clear that we have posts/threads being amended/deleted based on who they were made by and not the content of the post.

We all know that far worse posts than seaside's will be made by others and will be left up on the board.