Favourite striker: Bamber, Ellis or Ormerod?


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Ellis - especially as he snubbed the Nobbers to come to us. Remember ringing my brother up who is a dyed-in-the-wool Nobber and told him that Ellis had just signed for us. He said "f**k off, that'll NEVER happen"...

Two brothers supporting Blackpool and Preston?! How did that happen?!


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Brett....defo...could fit in as make shift full back( old money) as well and who put us in the ...followed by Ellis....remember Wrexham away when we all wanted to leave early ...and Bamber...another hero...except at Wembley at near effing midnight( ok near 11pm) when he became a Torquay hero to this day😉.

But Big John Murphy is to me a unsung hero too....by the way the two tangerine and white bears are Murphs( tangerine) and Brett( white)...and have travelled with us on every holiday we’ve had for many many years😉...and hopefully post Covid will join us again...😀
My better half calls them Murf and Morf😤


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Brett a great clubman. Bamber could be unplayable on his day but had a lot of off days as well. Ellis pure class as a footballer and actually pretty consistent. Definitely the best player if not the nicest character


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Ellis, as much for the way we signed him as his class as a striker.

Actually probably the only decent thing Owen Oyston did.

Actually that’s tainted him. Brett.


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WOW - this is a toughy!!!

Probably have to go for Tony Ellis just because he was a better player and stuck two fingers up to the knobbers.


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Big dave Bamber for me..... It just worked out perfectly for him in that team with eyres and Rodwell tearing down the wing putting the crosses in


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Bamber for me, in his second spell his goal scoring exploits were brilliant and gave us hope after years of despair.