Favourite striker: Bamber, Ellis or Ormerod?


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That was the question a mate (Man United) asked me earlier today.

I know, what kind of question is that? It'd be easier choosing my favourite child.

This is what I replied...

Bamber - Looked ancient and ungainly but it felt like he scored almost every chance he ever got. Loved him.

Ellis - The King. Oozed class. And never did interviews which made him seem other worldly. Loved him.

Brett - Scruffy on and off the pitch. Worked his bollocks off. Willing to get hurt in the process. Goal machine for a couple of seasons. Loved him.

If I had to choose a favourite it would be Brett. On the basis of him scoring in every division for us.

But if I could choose to play like one of those players? The King!

Who was your favourite?
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Ellis, although Brett goes down as a Legend and unfortunately for the latter they say never meet your heroes .


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Yep, a very difficult question indeed - 3 very good forwards
But Brett scored for us in every division - and he might have made us some money if we ever find it 👍
Not just a CF in my opinion, also a good pacy inside right, but that's just my opinion


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Ormerod for scoring in every division. Bamber for basically getting us promoted in the early 90s. But for a forward who always looked like he was going to score I’d have to go for Ellis.


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I honestly don't know. I just wish we had one of them now! Which one?! I think Ellis would suit us best, imagine how much he would improve our forward line.


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Ellis - especially as he snubbed the Nobbers to come to us. Remember ringing my brother up who is a dyed-in-the-wool Nobber and told him that Ellis had just signed for us. He said "f**k off, that'll NEVER happen"...