Ghislaine Maxwell

Archibald Knox

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There could be some very ambitious FBI operatives looking to net the biggest fish they know of. In which case, if she cops a plea bargain, there will be some very worried big-wigs. In these very febrile times, being as pessimistic as possible, might one even see a threat to the monarchy?

We’ll know if she gets remanded into FBI custody. But if she gets sent to the New York Metro Correctional Centre where Epstein ended up, well... Though it would seem fairly obvious there is a conspiracy if she doesn’t survive to trial.


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Well the FBI have charged her, so I assume she is in their custody. I am surprised she was caught in New Hampshire. Hardly hiding away in a cave in South America was she?


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Facing a 35 year stretch inside - 'she's gonna sing like a canary'. Hope she avoids falling up the stairs.