McCall gone to Sheff U!


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We should go for Klopp - he'd be handy

I know nothing about Stuart McCall's work with us but he must have been ok and clearly seemed to enjoy himself around the bench area on telly at least.

So, whether he's a major loss, I thought Calderwood was, is difficult to tell - I think we can cope for the moment but a loss or two will stretch the manager on his own (he's still pretty new).

Anyway, I hope the players and coaching staff go well at Brum another wonderful day out planned.

Btw, I dont give two hoots where he lives, he's a professionmal and just does the job (hopefully well). And Sheffield isnt Hong Kong like some commute to games from


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Frankie McAvoy is going to be looking for work soon lol lol. And it sounds like we need someone in quick to shine Critch's Manager of the Year Trophy, Frankie could do that I reckon
We might have some post that needs delivering too, I think he could be perfect 😂🤣👏


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All our success is based on is humble players and staff.
No Billy big bollocks players, just all super team members that will stick like glue together and progress month by month.
We don't need celebrity nomarks that think they are bigger than our club.

Good luck in league 1 next season. We will be right up there by May.

Karma will bite you on your short, fat, ginger arse.

See ya!