New Academy Director

Willie Mcgrotty

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Remember being gutted when he went to FTFC especially being a local lad. But would anyone have enjoyed being employed by that family.


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This would be very significant if it were to happen.

CD left (rightly) to go to a better job, better facilities and a better chance of success. For him to leave that and come back, given the lack of facilities is the clearest sign yet that the Club really is on the up.


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I still dont get this hatred of the Cods, I lived in Codwood for a few years, & was a friend of Brian Wilson? who was the manager in the early 80's, and a mate from Uni played for them ..... I prefer Rivalry, an a sneaking admiration for what ex con Piley has done there... PS I also have no hate of Fylde, on the contrary, I enjoy football and watched them during our "dark days"...

Nob end mind👹


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They need to announce the start of the new training ground and academy facility to go with this. That would be putting the ambition into practice
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Genuine question:

How much success has CD had at Fleetwood with bringing players through?

It can't be easy working with youngsters up there with the threat of a cigarette in the eye at an xmas party being one of the bonuses awaiting the kids.


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Watt is very busy making Pilley's Horlicks.
Apart from that, nobody knows what he does at Codwood.
Feel a bit sorry for Will - talented lad, loves his football, decent journo but has become Pilley’s lapdog. Be good to think an opportunity would arise at BR for him because he’d be a real asset.