New United manager!!!!


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Sounds to me like too good a pedigree for a short term deal,but hey if the money is right, only question is what happens if he does a really good job 🤔


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Meanwhile over in the States the Man Utd board meets -
Boardperson 1 : Hey you guys! So Liverpool have a German manager, why not us?
Boardperson 2 : Good call, good call, this guy, he’s German, right?
Boardperson 3 :He wears bifocals, yeah?
Boardperson 1 : Sure does, and speaks A Mercan too!
Boardperson 2 : Looks like that Bond guy also
Boardperson 3 : Its a no brainer, all agreed say Aye
Boardpersons : Aye
Boardperson 1 : So we go public with this now?
Boardperson 2 : Yup, we are appointing, with immediate effect, Josef Mengele
Boardperson 4 : [sotto voce] I’m preddy shure the Limeys said new Manager…


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People were saying that when a certain German manager rolled up at Liverpool. That didn't turn out too bad. You never know, this guy might be a huge success.

Literally everyone knew who Klopp was, not one single person with an interest in football hadn't heard of him, he was one of the most sought after managers in world football. The Scousers were jizzing themselves at the mere mention of him being linked with the job.

A better example would have been Wenger.
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I cannot believe the amount of sports channel time and column inches being devoted to speculation about who takes over at Man ure. The hype about Ronaldo had them all creaming themselves.

Surely we need to accept there is nothing exceptional about them any more and treat them accordingly.