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I would love a copy of this photo, my wife’s grandfather, Jimmy Haslam (a BFC Director) is the person wearing the black bowler hat sat on the front row immediately behind Alan Brown
Couldn't remember where I found it so I reversed image searched the picture on google and found this website that actually sells it in frames. An absolutely unbelievably extortionate price though!

I would never suggest such a thing but there is always the option to simply download the image and get it printed onto glossy printer paper either at home if you have a printer, know someone with a printer or at a shop (I know Booths used to offer that option). Then you'd just need a frame which is fairly cheap!

In fact I've just gone back on and you can purchase literally just the photograph printed for a much more reasonable price (tenner upwards depending on the size you'd want), it would be good quality I assume and you'd just have to purchase a right sized frame then. Hope this helps!

Ball on Fire

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I would love a copy of this photo, my wife’s grandfather, Jimmy Haslam (a BFC Director) is the person wearing the black bowler hat sat on the front row immediately behind Alan Brown
Anybody know who the other two players are sat next to Alan Brown & Hughie Kelly, I think they are Bolton Wanderers players as the one on the end looks like Roy Hartle?


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I bought a framed copy of this photo today.

Good isn't it. You've reminded me of what my lecturer used to tell us, repeatedly, on my photography course, 'Always look behind you!'
With that in mind, if you turn around and look towards the south, on a similarly clear day, there's a great view of Snowdonia and the Menai Strait.

Potts Must Go

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Here's got to be the best programme cover we've ever had.

View attachment 4641

Still got most of the programmes from that season, my first. Check out the one season bucket seats in the Scratching Shed in the background which were there the season before I think the picture was from a Texaco or Anglo Scottish Cup game pre season v Sheff United in 75, they were in Div One then I think, so it wasn't from a League game.

The picture was used for all the programmes early in the 76/7 season then changed mid way through to a picture of Derek Spence and Martin O'Neill against Forest in a brilliant 1-0 win and used as a front page photo for the rest of the season.

I wish my collection from that era was in better nick but I drew all over them as a kid 🙄


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Thats taken at Borough Park. Wonder what the occasion was and why it was there and not Bloomfield Road.
Think it was a “show biz” charity game but don’t know the year. It is Borough Park - used to be our home ground for a while when I played for Central Working Men’s in the Sunday Alliance - felt like a pro playing in that stadium 😃

Willie Mcgrotty

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I don't think so. The 5 1 win was at their ground later that season.
Correct fess & I can proudly say I was one of only a handful of Pool fans there. Me & a school mate went with his gran & grandad in their car. Surreal evening. Vaguely remember their striker (Edward's?) may have even put them one up?


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Never understood the programme from the 70's with Paul Hart and I think Noel Brotherston from Blackburn. Why have one of your biggest rivals players on the front of your programme all season?


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Anyone got any 1973/74 photos of us at any away games?

I have one showing us wearing all white with tangy collars and cuffs. I thought we always wore tangy shorts.


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From all these old pics with very high shorts and shirts if the players were cold or if today's players are just nesh!

Steve Fisher

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A mate sent me this bubblegum card of the Mighty that he found recently - it has the team on the back, so first question, can you name the players? I'll post a picture of the back of the card later... Second more tricky question (to which I don't know the answer), what year is this? It's not stated on the card.. I'd go late 50's but I'm not sure...