P-L-F Seasiders Coach Trips Confirmed 2022/2023


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Dear All,

Well it’s been a mad busy day got to admit I’m pretty disappointed to say I am only prepared to book 7 trips right now.
Coach prices have “rocketed” and I know the economic difficulties some if not all are currently facing.

I will text all members prices together with what I charged last year, but the new prices range from an increase of £1 - £5 per person more expensive but that’s an “average”

Anyone wishing to join PLFS just need to text me their name, email address,mobile number, DOB. to 07973 827986.

Anyone welcome to join but it is considered FY6, FY5,FY7 & FY2 will find the service of Maximum benefit.

So here are the trips coaches are booked for:

Hi Leane,
Please can I have your most competitive prices for the following "Single Supply Bulk Order" for the following games, assuming a 53 Seater Coach with toilet.
Kindest regards,

Poulton-Le-Fylde Seasiders 2022/2023 Coaches

Sat 6th August
Stoke Away Dep & No 10
Outward Stop Sandbach Village
Return back in P-L-F Approx 7pm

Sat 20th September
Burnley Away
Depart PLF Only 12.45pm
No Stops
Return back in P-L-F
Approx 6.15/6.30pm

Sat3rd September
Huddersfield Away
Outward stop Brighouse
Dep PLF 10.30 & No10 10.45
Return to P-L-F Approx 7pm

Sat 15th October
Sheffield United Away
Outward Stop Cleckheaton
Dep PLF 10.30 & No10 10.45
Return P-L-F Approx 7.45/8pm

Sat 12 November
Wigan Away
Dep P-L-F 11.30 & No 10 11.45
Outward Stop Orrell
Return to P-L-F Approx 6.15/6.30pm
Sat 28th Jan
Blackburn Away
Dep P-L-F Only 1pm
No Stops
Return to P-L-F
Approx 6/6.15

Sat 1 April
Preston Away
Dep P-L-F Only 1.15pm
No Stops
Return P-L-F
Approx 6/6.30pm

Please Note:
17th September Thames Boat Trip Millwall Away (Limited to 120 People)

PLFS Members or anyone who booked for Fulham Away Last Year £25 (Must Book By 1st July 2022)

Thereafter General Sale (subject to availability) £28

Departs Westminster Pier 11.15am
Disembarks Bankside 13.45am

To book please text reservation on 07973 827986.

Kindest regards,