Players who have shared the same surname at BFC


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Johnny Green and Tony Green.
Mickey Walsh and Mike Walsh.
Bob Hatton and Dave Hatton.
Mike Davies and Wyn Davies.


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Ernie Taylor and Scott Taylor
Billy Wright and Alan Wright
Steve Harrsion and Wayne Harrison
Tony Evans and Rhys Evans
George Wood and Neil Wood


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We've had 5 named Hughes. D.Hughes 1903/4. E. (Emlyn) Hughes 1965/7. J. Hughes 1969/71. I Hughes 1997/03. RA Hughes 1927/8.
Obviously not all at the same time. 😉
We've had 5 Harrisons, 11 Jones.


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Paul Hart & Joe Hart
Eifion Jones & Lee Jones
Matt Hill & John Hills
Gareth Williams & Robbie Williams
Paul Ince & Tom Ince?
Lee hendrie & Colin Hendry
Neil Mackenzie & Gary McKenzie