Scamming / credit card theft


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Heads up: dont know if anyone else has been affected but a few weeks ago I had my credit card cloned, as a few hours later I got a call saying someone had used it to buy luxury goods and it looked a false transaction (not drive thru food outlets and plumbers merchants-rolls eyes)

Since then I've been hit with specific emails, phone calls offering mobile deals etc and tonight another supposed problem with my (new) credit card.

Cant really say specifically where the original transaction occurred but it was at a retail outlet in Layton concerning the van, and the bank have warned me that they keep targeting you for a while.

The number tonight was this one and as you can see it is a common one with other folk-some of whom have been ripped off.Very clever how they do it but any doubts then put the phone down and ring the bank back.

Keep and eye and ear out and watch how you go.


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As I regularly use a lot of the shops in Layton, I'd appreciate if you could let me know the shops concerned. If you don't want o put them up here can you pm me.