Was Critchley applauding fans as they boo’ed?

He couldn't really win in that situation. If he hadn't gone over then he'd be called a coward.

Not everyone was booing.
Just in the region of about 80% round about where I was sitting. So, like you say, not everyone was booing ...
I honestly did not see it like that. There were some applause and some boos. I don't think he quite knew what to do tbh. Certainly didn't see it as arrogance or even defiance.
There was barely any applause. In fact I’ve never heard it as silent as that at full time. The boos were fairly loud and for him to stand there clapping people booing was completely bizarre.
He was being a **. He could hear the boo-ing but rather than just walk away he stood there sarcastically applauding like a **.
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Sounded like a few went wooooooo at full time and Critchley applauded and walked off! 🤣
Critchley obviously doesn't read social media or he wouldn't walk on the pitch applauding the fans. Clueless all round
At this point Playoffs is unrealistic, We are just playing for pride to be honest I didnt know playing for pride also meant playing shite against a relagation threatened club.