Welcome back Mr Kaikai


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He was lost out on the left. Playing him more central has given him the freedom to express himself and its paying dividends not only for him but the squad - put him alongside the likes of Embleton as well and we're laughing (all the way to promotion).


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Aside from falling on his arse with the goal in front of him, his contribution has improved immeasurably in recent times 😊


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He hasn't been anywhere, he's now simply being used in a role he is able to thrive in, the same as a few other players.



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To be fair to Kaikai, even in 4-4-2 he tracks back brilliantly. The kind of player he is you don’t expect him to give the full back the protection he does. Agree with the general consensus he’s thriving in a role involving more freedom.


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Can anyone explain how Kaikai's form can vary so much? Is it formation, opposition, attitude?
Confidence looks massive to me. I don't think it's his attitude or he wouldn't play as much as he does.

He has to be given licence to roam and do what he needs. When he's on it, he's absolutely unreal. Anyone who was at Southend will vouch for that.