Which is your favourite motorway?


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Another vote for the M6 (North).
The M5 does lead to the beauty of Cornwall etc, but it's very busy and there are often accidents and other jams
M6 North is a very easy motorway to travel on, and you can be in the beautiful Lake District in an hour, and then Scotland after that


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Hmm. Quite like the M55 because it means we're coming back from every game*, but quite like the M62 where I usually pass Wizz around the Rochdale roundabout coming over from his Bradford home.

M40 is another because that means we're leaving the rather verminous London area, and I guess many feel the same way about the M20 which feeds out of the backside of the Capital.

Pity its not a question about car parks because that would include the M25 (chortles)

*pre covid and includes MKD