Wigan Athletic v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 26.01.21


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Hopefully that does Virtue the world of good. His finishing is unreal but his passing not so much.
Fair play to the lad there - he was on the far side heading it in to the box but still managed to get across in to the penalty area to score the goal. Nice work Matty .. should shut a few up!


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We need to give credit where it is due.
Wigan might be an absolute basket case of a club, but this could quite easily have been a banana skin with all the changes forced upon us.
Definitely worked on the shape with the front four for this game, look how close they're getting to each other. Lubala/Madine/Virtue/Yates all together over the left hand side just then where the ball was hunting in a pack to win it back. Attack best form of defence and all that.


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Looking at where Burton are and who we should have back for the weekend, let's hope we get the game on, another decent win, boost the goal difference and we'd be knocking on the top half of the table which is where we need to be. It would also mean after 23 games we'd be on 34 points and I think we'll be so much better in the second half of the season and so you'd be looking at 70+ points which might be interesting.


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Nearly as bad as Turton when you were slagging him off? 🙄
Yeah and Gabriel is showing me and everyone else. Exactly why. He isn't good enough. Simple as that.

Not slagging him off, it's called commentating on his performances and uses stats and statistics to back that up.

But you're notorious for not knowing an awful lot about football.