Are The Govt Now Being Too Cautious ?


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Instead of an hour of Johnson's bloviating and affected distrait can we just have the bullet points and then Whitty taking questions?

Lost Seasider

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Can Mr Harper not read?

2m per week from 21st June.

Assumption is 4m/week for April/May and presumably up to 21st June.

Since 21st June is target for removal of all restrictions what is the problem exactly?


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Have you not read your own post?

He has underlined the words "drop down to 2 million" but straight after that it says "from 21st June".
Sigh. I knew it was a mistake to engage you.

There is no contradiction in what he has written and the literature. None at all. He is (very clearly btw) saying that the most pessimistic assumption has been chosen which doesn't match the reality. There are other assumptions used further down the thread which also don't match up to the reality.

I thought it was an apt post for this thread about government over-caution.