Ben Woodburn


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Liverpool's youngest ever goal scorer looks like he is heading to league 1 on loan, Charlton and Hull interested in him!
Surely this would be a WOW signing for us, I wonder if Critchley has had a word with his pal Klopp, I hope so.


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I'd push the boat out to get this lad, surely Critchley will be able to persuade him to join us over other teams in our division?


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As I wrote on another fees are getting out of hand. Herbie Kane £1,000,000 for the season. Harry Wilson same fee plus full wages = almost £3,000,000 for the season. Way out of our reach.


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It speaks volumes that Liverpool have sent none of their youngsters our way. I think we all hoped that one or two of their best under 21's would end up being improved whilst playing for us under Critchley's coaching at Blackpool. Perhaps Liverpool are not unhappy that Critchley moved on.

Ghosts of Electricity

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Based on other current events, does it beg the question of do Liverpool allow players to go out on loan to get experience or to make money for themselves?.
It's all about the money, that is what academies are nowadays. Liverpool poach the best talent then have the monopoly, and they get lauded for having a fantastic system.

Sterling is a perfect example.


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He is someone who I would have really liked to have signed, but it seems he is going elsewhere.
It seemed unlikely to happen when Critch started signing numerous other players to fill the role that Woodburn would have played.

Puzzling why we haven't signed anyone from Liverpool. I'd be lying if I said I had the slightest idea why.


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If I was one of these players, I'd be very unhappy if I was sat in the reserves all season because my club had put off potential loans by demanding such large fees. I'd be thinking it's another year of my career wasted.
The trouble is, I don't think these players would think that and that I'm afraid is the root of the problem in English football. Way too many good players happier to be on the Liverpool training ground than be on the team sheet of a league match.


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No-one knows what enquiries may have been made between the respective clubs or if Critchley actually rates him. Woodburn is probably at the stage in his career when he may need to look at moving out of Liverpool to kick-start his career. Let's face it to get into the Liverpool first team you have to be virtually world class. Maybe the player himself is holding out to see what offers come in before the deadline.