Ben Woodburn


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The general consensus at Oxford is that he was a bit hit and miss as a number 10 or on the right, but improved when played as a CM. Good passer and dribbler and can tackle as well but not the quickest.


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Great signing if it comes off. Would feel a bit wow to me but maybe that's because I have signed him on FIFA for us every year since he made his debut for Liverpool!

Only question is how much the injuries last season have affected him, and I would wager not very much if he still got into their playoff squad on return. He has always been lauded for his attitude and dedication to fitness at all of the clubs he's been to, and of course the academy, so if anybody is capable of getting their progress back on track it's him.

The story's now starting to appear in all the LFC fan sites.


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He's been playing in their Premier League 2 games and made the bench for Wales in 3 of their last 6 matches, so you'd imagine he is fully fit and somewhat match sharp.
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