Duke of Edinburgh Award


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Started the Bronze award. Nearly got put off walking in the Lake District for life by carrying a 40lb rucksack (or something like!) when I only weighed about seven stone myself one soggy Whit weekend.


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Never had the chance to do it. Never even heard of it at my cotton mill Lancs school.
Did an outside pursuits leadership course and have probably put 30 or 40 lads n lasses through their paces.
Some to Gold level, one or two to Queens badge.Mindyou had a few weekends racing around country lanes looking for lost groups. Currently not lost any permanently.. Not even those we wouldn't have minded losing

Would definitely have given it a go at school if I could have.


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Wife worked in a school and was a qualified D of E Bronze leader for a few years and now some 5/6 yrs later whenever we bump into any of the kids that did the D of E with her they love chatting about the walks m camping they did even the ones you wouldn't think enjoyed it come and chat some even give her a hug . It's voluntary but should be compulsory


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Yes Bronze, Silver and Gold. Went to Buck House in 1972, my Mum absolutely loved the day.
An amazing programme and well worth the effort.


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Started it but mates bailed out spectacularly after a short walk to Hambleton & a wet nights camping & I followed reluctantly as we were picked up by someone's dad, rather than be on my own. I loved it & it gave me the taste to go camping. Took my kids a few times before life got in the way & it's stuck with them to this day, memories aren't bought. Still go but in comfort these days.

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Yep, did Bronze and Silver, but for some reason we never got round to fully completing the Gold by the time we left 5th year.
Probably the most useful activity I did at school and gave me great memories.


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Did the Silver when at College. Don't remember much about it apart from doing civil defence work and hiking round Coniston in 48 hours carrying tents and kit in a rucksack and it never stopping raining.


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My son was awarded gold at St James's Palace.The Duke spoke to him at the presentation,fantastic day out.Only one parent /guardian allowed to attend due to numbers,I was the lucky one. It was then the 50th year of the scheme and the Duke had never missed one of the award ceremonies.My favourite line of his is ,If it dosent fart or eat hay she's not interested. A reference to his daughter princess Anne. Top bloke,no nonsense,said it how it was.

Phil_bfc deux

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I did my bronze and silver

Didn't do my gold as i started working at 16

Remember having to camp out making my own bivvy and then having to pluck and cook a quail on an open fire

Life lessons

Another great initiative 👏
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My daughter did the bronze what had to be done for the gold?
In my day 1970s for each award there were 4 elements - detailed in my log book which I’ve just found!
1. Service - ie local community based projects or schemes
2. Interests - ie hobby and leisure interests
3. Expeditions ie hill walking and overnight(s) under canvas
and either
4. Design for Living (girls only) Bronze/Silver
4. Physical Activity (boys only) Bronze/Silver
for the Gold award there was a choice of either for boys and girl, but a residential qualification was also required.
I’m sure the latter element has changed in the modern era under equality laws etc

Different types of activities had to be completed in the four different section. There were age restriction before attempting each B14 S15 G16 and all elements had to be completed before age 21.

Things have certainly changed since my day https://www.dofe.org/do/what/