Have you converted all your kids to BFC fans


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Living away from Blackpool, I am facing a tough fight to keep my eldest lad interested in Blackpool. His school mates are either Liverpool or Man United fans and he says he wants to support one of them! Anyone else lost the kids to another team!


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My eldest son was a Liverpool and Cods fan but coming to Bloomfield Road this season he's realised that supporting Fleetwood was a fairly soulless enterprise so has come over from the dark side. Eventually he'll drop the scousers 😎


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Yes but only my eldest lad actually goes, youngest lad now & then & daughter possibly. I got them all ST's when we got into the Championship then the Prem, after that they were all old enough to buy their own. They don't bother with other teams, so the seeds were planted. As we're only just recovering from the Oyston lockdown & along came another I'd expect 2 of them to show a bit more interest when normality returns.


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My son wasn't really into football when he was younger and changed football teams regularly he kind of liked it was more to do with who he was hanging around with at the time but I did draw the line when he said Bolton!

Then by chance my mate pulled out of a game the season we got promoted to the Prem so I took my lad instead he was totally hooked and then he came with us and his mate every game followed by the famous trip to Wembley.

He's now obsessed with football watches it every day and if he can get to an away match he will wherever in the country following the pool and still recalls that Yeovil trip!


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I bought my lad a half season ticket when he was five, he’s had a season ticket next to me ever since ( apart from the boycott years) , he’s 26 now . My daughter isn’t interested.

King Billy

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Yep my son is 6, started this season been to Portsmouth match, morecambe in fa cup and Fleetwood. Keeps asking to go again which is a good sign 👍


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I haven't lived in Lancashire since 1977 but two of my sons are committed BFC fans. My other son and daughter dont really follow football


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Lived in Newcastle for the majority of my life. My son supports Blackpool and attends. He now lives in Sheffield. My eldest daughter went to Sunderland but has gone to watch Newcastle in recent years. My other daughter supports Newcastle. The girls have been to 30 odd away grounds each watching Blackpool


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My dog Stanley is a big fan. He’d shit on the floor whenever I mentioned Oyston as a dirty protest


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Living in Sheffield my son’s interest in watching football has arrived a little too late and he is a blade rather than the Seasider he should have been. They were flying when we were boycotting....


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My daughter, who was born in Oldham but came to Blackpool when she was 3 months old, was a Blackpool fan until she got married.
Her husband, born in Bolton and adopted from Manchester very young, became a Manure fan for some unknown reason.
Grew up in Thornton so should have been Pool or Fleetwod.😕
They have brought my 2 Grandsons up to be Manure fans also.
1st G/G/son is a manure fan even though his maternal Grandpa is a Pool STH.
Work that one out.🙄
P.S. I am a Pool fan.😁