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I have 2 with their obvious agendas which I am happy to ignore. The vast majority on here are perfectly reasonable, possibly with the odd wobble but we can all do that.


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I did have one -- a political poster who never posts about football.

I've unignored him, because I rarely read the politico's forum. We'll see how long it lasts.


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To be fair it is in the main a football forum and I cannot remember the posters I ignore ever posting or contributing to a football thread.
Considered ignoring Allez but his Connor Wickham thread was kinda funny


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No...nobody ...I just endeavour not to open or read anything which reeks of a political agenda...though not always successful.


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One, much like Derby, a person who can't or won't post about football but who uses the site as a political platform. His posts are now on the politics/COVID platform which I rarely visit as I like to keep my blood pressure reasonable.

Ghosts of Electricity

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Just the one.

I look at it like going into a pub, if there was a loudmouth know it all turd who loved his own voice you either confront or ignore.

Years ago I may have confronted, experience has told me to ignore. Its bliss.

Also experience has also told me you cannot debate with stupid people or people who won't consider others opinions.


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Used to have 1 ,it was all political shite ,now none as I just laugh at that poster.


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None. Am happy to either ignore what I see and don't like, or have an opinion back if I feel like it. Alot of the time it's good to see so many diverse opinion's. There is so many of us, we aren't all going to agree. Maybe you agree about one thing but not the other. Of course there is some who are very one sided but it's easy just to scroll past rather than ignore. I'm nosey anyway 😂 don't want to miss the dramaaaa 😏


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None for me and never would. Have the courage of your convictions to say what you think. Maybe that's naming those you choose to ignore as well..